When a group of Acadians arrived in Louisiana with Joseph Beausoleil Broussard, they were referred to as his ‘Corps de Feu’, his Feudal Corps.  What does this mean?

After studying Feudalism I realized why it is denounced in our presently censored media.  It’s denounced because it is a very good economic alternative to capitalism, and it isn’t socialism either.

The deal under Feudalism was this:

Feudalism is a voluntary, family based agreement whereby free land, supplies and equipment are provided to someone who wants to be part of the Corps. Once a surplus of crops or other manufactured material is created, these were sold in markets held just outside the city gates. The Feudal lord who sponsored the whole thing would then be reimbursed by collecting taxes only on surplus goods sold outside the city gates.

The Feudal lord’s responsibility was to provide security. A man who could arm and support around 80 soldiers or knights could become a Feudal lord as long as he could secure his own territory which would be some extension of the national boundaries. It’s a system that created the 1500 year civilization that we see crumbling today.

The word Feudal refers to the fire of the family hearth which symbolizes protection of the family and the fire of the soul that motivates that protection. This definition is from a 1750 French Dictionary.

Feudalism was intrinsically tied into a strong unified religion whereby the religious leaders were in charge of education and maintenance of the ancient liturgical rites.

The dissing of Feudalism is to prevent us from re-adopting this very functional and successful economic system that might be the only way out of this present mess. If Putin were to offer this deal right now, it would not surprise me if a very large number of people here in America would accept it in a heartbeat. I can easily envision an American colony in Russia under these terms.  i doubt it could ever happen here in America.

There are precious few opportunities for small farming and manufacture today anywhere in the United States.  Our government exists to shut that down. As the dollar begins to take a nose-dive, which it well should, a return to Feudalism would solve the resulting issues, though we’d have to call it something else at this point.

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