Why Russia needs to offer Asylum to Americans

There are so many reasons, I couldn’t list them all, but here’s a start:

Catholics and conservatives in general are basically on a genocide list by our foreign controlled government and media.  Trump is trying, I agree, but some of us will never be on anyone’s radar other than that of the enemy.  We’re just too small to not fail.

Our need for asylum begins because we have no access to justice within the Freemasonic British controlled illegal puppet government here.  They want good people in jail, if not dead.

Furthermore, the entire corporate structure of our economy is now controlled by anti-Catholic, anti-conservative gangsters and their offspring. It’s impossible to get a job unless you’re one of them. If you do get hired, they’ll use you as a patsy to cover freemasonry crimes.  They enjoy this.

Now that the Jews control even the Catholic Church, our only defense is to find refuge within the Russian Othodox church, which has carried on the traditional ways. Of course everything has been infected by the extreme criminal control of our churches, schools and government, but the Russian churches have held up best, thanks to Cy, (Putin).

I’m a nobody who watches government people all over the world have meetings and conferences, spending millions in a day of travel, while I’m wondering how it might be possible to buy food, repair the leaky roof, install plumbing, get  water to my house, etc. Yes, I haul water by hand in buckets. And there are plenty of people worse off than myself.

Hauling water by hand is not the problem. Being mocked and ridiculed by the people around me is.  Starving because the cops prevent me from accessing food and water is a problem. Being banned from publishing my writings is a problem.  Watching foreigners who don’t even speak English buying their food with food stamps, then driving off in brand new SUV’s also sucks. But worse than all of this is being told that I’m not a credible source for information because I’m not on TV.  That’s  a problem.

My credentials? How could a non-freemason, non-Jew, non-foreigner ever get credentials?  That’s the plan, phase one of the genocide.


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