National Security Concerns of the Intelligence Community

The Intelligence Community is a Nation Unto Themselves.

 The National Security That They Seek is Their Own Security, Not The Security of The People Paying Their Big Fat Salaries.

As the borders are invaded by hoardes of the Ebola infected, and criminal pedophile rejects from all over the world, the Intelligence Community is taking the side of the Invaders.  They want America Destroyed.

The Intelligence Community, in a world of their own, is freaking out over an investigation into their “Methods and Very Sensitive Files”.

A normal person can only hope and pray that the 007’s are outed as enemies of America.

And if they aren’t outed, then the gang stalking and harassment of defenseless people like myself will continue.  This includes secret assassinations, abduction and drugging of children by government agencies, continued war and use of our tax dollars to fund the enemy, aiding and abetting of criminals entering America illegally, forced indoctrination of children in schools, fake news, and we’ll see what else happens as sexually depraved bullies gain power and are free to access our children in schools, hospitals and on public transportation.

Add to this the rapidly developing technology of microwave weapons and we are literally toast.

The immigrant army is here to join up with the Intelligence Community and the other illegal foreigners already here. The weapons and bombs are already stockpiled here for them to use. This is what they call “sensitive”.

How do I know this?  I’ve been gathering and publishing evidence for over five years now.  I have to deal with the Intelligence Community every day.  They exist to destroy people like myself.  I am the enemy to them.  I do literally despised every single person employed as spies against America and pray continually that they experience exactly what they have inflicted upon others, 100 fold.

I haven’t earned a penny for my work on revealing the threat.  I’m living on $500 a month and I owe taxes out of that.  The Intelligence Community has stolen not just my own inheritance, but they systematically steal the inheritance, patents and Royalties of everyone who isn’t one of them.   There’s not a chance in the world that anyone would pay me for my work, since I “lack credentials” in a world where credentials are denied to everyone who is not in the Intelligence Community.

The people who work in spy agencies have no idea what life is like for us slaves who are forced into paying their fat salaries and benefits.  In fact, I can personally see that the more desperate and difficult the lives of honest people, the greater pleasure the Intelligence Community feels about their own privileges and comforts.  To them, the fact of our poverty is proof that they are superior to the rest of us powerless nobodies.

The head of the FBI, John Brennan, won’t even call Trump by his title of President.  He calls him Mr. Trump.  Brennan is calling upon other members of government to defy “Mr. Trump”, which is to defy the many people who voted for Donald John Trump.

Recently I’m hearing that we’ve already lost the war.  We’re already like Palestine, being told that we stole land, that we don’t exist and so we have to go.

Okay then, so we’ve lost.  Our communications are cut, the Security Forces will now be free to Secure us in tiny torture cells.  This is what it all boils down to when we lose:  The Intelligence Community and Torture.  Seriously, what John Brennan is fighting for so desperately is the Right To Torture the Rest of Us.






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