Tony Rodham-Schwing and Michael Matt: A Warning to Remnant Catholics


The above series of photos are a combination of Tony Rodham, Tony Schwing and Michael Matt of Remnant Catholic TV.  I can’t tell which is which. Plus the name “Matt” is a form of the name Mouton, and recalls The Affair of the Necklace”, which was a scam using a lookalike Fake Queen and set off riots leading to the French Revolution.

Michael Matt is a snake, just like all the other Freemason Fake Catholics.  This latest episode has edits that are suspicious, wording that is suspicious and it all smacks of Freemason/Mossad-like deceit.

Listen carefully to the way just about everything he says carries a potential double meaning.  I suspect that these videos are a way to communicate with his team of professional assassins. He uses the term ‘Wake Up’ and encourages Catholics to care what that crazy fake pope is doing.  If he spoke truth, he’d tell people that having a Pope in Rome, Italy who claims to be head of the Catholic Church is nothing but a Freemason invention. This is how they divide; and listen to how Michael Matt encourages ‘revolution’, or our reaction to the pope’s revolution. Revolution is their favorite word.

Michael Matt is ominously invited to speak to remnant Catholics all over the world, Japan next.  He can thus pinpoint the leadership and have them removed by his team of backstabbing secret assassins. The entire population of surviving Catholics around the world could be wiped out as this man goes to  speaking engagements.

Message to Japanese Catholic Remnant:

Please beware of this man.

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