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It’s time to speak of Emmitte Dauterive.

According to my recollections of people and events, Emmitte Dauterive is Arlene’s father.

Emmitte Dauterive is the Disney and Hanna Barbera artist who is also Charles ‘Nik’ Nichols, the father of Arlene.  That makes him the maternal grandfather of Bibi Netanyahu, Billie Lourd, and possibly also the maternal grandfather of John Brennan.

This would be the source of the names Emma, Emmie and Emmy Awards.

This is hard to believe, and I’ve delayed writing about this until I could collect enough information to fill out the picture.   I remember him as the father of Bonnie, Debbie and Keith Dauterive. The eldest daughter of Emmite was Debbie, but I didn’t see her around.  She looked a lot like Bonnie and maybe she’s the one who replaced Carrie.  A friend of mine says that Keith Raniere looks like Keith Dauterive.  I think so also.

Emmitte probably had one other son who, when I see George Harrison of the Beatles, I remember one of Bonnie’s brothers, but I don’t think it’s Keith. Perhaps being the brother of a Beatles member helped garner followers.  His other family connections would certainly attract celebrity seekers.

The following pdf is just a quick search result with basic information, not much. I could pay to find out more…

Emmitte Dauterive Jul 24, 2019 at 11:48 PM

Emmitte Dauterive was the janitor at Loreauville High School when I was young. Remember that this is where the Walets were originally making music and films. The janitor would have to be involved in such activities of course.  He probably did the artwork for the credits and scenery.

I remember that he was also creating comic books at the same time.  These must be the classics today.

I also remember that people were angrily whispering that he was the person responsible for the explosion that destroyed the Vida Shaw Sugarmill. He was the night watchman at the time. It must have been a Freemason Operation.  Or call it CIA or Mossad.  There was some reason for the fear of speaking out loud about it.

The destruction of this large sugarcane refinery in Loreauville was a boon to the M.A. Patout and Sons Sugar Mill in Jeanerette.

Bonnie Dauterive was one of the girls who used to babysit me when I was little.

My conclusion is that the girl called Carrie Fisher is the daughter of Emmitte, either Bonnie or Debbie. I’ll say that it’s Bonnie.

I just noticed that Carrie Fisher was replaced by someone who looks her, and so was Debbie Reynolds.  The nose of Debbie Reynolds changed drastically in later years.

I’ve previously published photos of a very young Carrie with Larry/Bibi taken in the 1970’s. They’re about the same age, so I’m trying to figure it all out. Did Charles Nichols have two simultaneous families?  It could be, and this is not unusual with spies.  It’s a sign of a Mossad operation, since they openly brag about using marriage to carry out their agenda.

The woman called Betty White/Deborah Reynolds was married to Emmitte.  She also played Angela Lansbury.  It’s possible that my grandmother Nita was writing murder mysteries at that time since they all lived in Loreauville.

Emmitte was also married to Estella Fink and they had two more daughters named Arlene and Myrna in California where he was Charles Nichols, and this all explains how my parents knew that family.

Bryan Lourd looks so much like Arnon Milcan that it makes me wonder what the relationship might be.

Bryan was handed his status without much effort on his part.

He’s one of the Obama’s main supporters.  I’m beginning to wonder if the owner of M. A. Patout and Sons Sugarmill is the same as Arnon Milcan, since the Epstein episode now includes the throwing under the bus of Ghislaine Maxwell. It appears to me that the main goal is to make Epstein appear to be a nobody, which would only serve to protect his father’s identity.

Recent publicity article about Bryan and Michelle Obama:

“With some meetings in relation to her and the former President’s Higher Ground Productions earlier in the day, Mrs. Obama also dropped by the CAA kingpin [Bryan Lourd] and spouse Bruce Bozzi’s well outfitted Westwood pad to talk about the Obama Foundation and its non-profit work.”


I’m not buying that this is actually Carrie Fisher, shown here with Bryan Lourd’s daughter, Billie.
This is supposed to be Debbie Reynolds but I’m not buying that one either.  The nose is completely different.

The next two photos are the real mother and daughter.



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