Hunter Biden and Gavin Newsom

After collecting photos of both Hunter Biden and Gavin Newsom, I cannot tell which is which.


2E365709-2E59-435D-86C6-BF6D4BA5F0F7Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Hallie Biden, Hunter Biden, Natalie BidenD1E3A650-1123-4AD4-9542-E5818E146595FC45D4D1-3279-4965-9DBB-7D4AC6455EAE7A6349CE-FCF3-4B97-AB47-7C94897C78F578DFC65A-9F01-4590-A232-14E3DE79430DE33BD859-BD38-4366-8510-3CD12D9336635C238B81-46DA-4CEA-8297-00E2B1A004F62DDB9367-8CAC-49D6-B3AE-9DC37EC80202Mayor And Lt. Gov-Elect Newsom Attends A Lowe's Store Grand Opening

The man on the right is Jim, the brother of Joe Biden.

A U.S. District Court lawsuit alleges that Jim Biden stole his intellectual property and tried to drive a McMinnville, Tennessee  businessman into bankruptcy.

“They repeatedly assured (the victim, Frey) that investment capital originating from and flowing through foreign entities was not only certain, but was imminent,” attorney Robert A. Peal wrote. “And Biden promised (Frey’s) Intensive Outpatient Model would play an integral role in health care policy at the highest levels of the United States government.”

“But it was all a fraud,” Peal wrote in the lawsuit.

Government owned healthcare is the dream come true for these insiders.


Since I don’t detect any difference between Hunter Biden and Gavin Newsom, I’d say that we know exactly where Hunter Biden is.

As for who I think this is in real life, I’d say it’s another Loreauville family that I’ve known for a long time.  Please understand that I’ve been seeing this identity for a long time, but hesitate to divulge because I don’t have photos of the Loreauville family, only memories.

Even if I’m wrong about this identity, it’s necessary to include Alan Sorel in my story because he was definitely involved in the troubles that my family faced.

The man identified as Joe Biden’s brother is a close match for Alan Sorel.  I watched this man when he was hired by my father to work in our boat business.  He made one stupid decision after another. He finally left after it became clear that he was setting up my family for things like IRS audits.  He was prominent in our lives around the time that Bret died in the auto “accident”. He had two daughters who rode the school bus with me and who lived with their mother on Loreauville Road.  That house, and many other ‘deep state’ houses in and around New Iberia have been listed on Caffery Real Estate over the past year. I could do an article just on that subject, but I’ll save that for later.

Joe Biden has always looked to me like a Loreauville man, from my childhood, named Forbus Mestayer, though it could be his father depending on Joe Biden’s actual age. Joe Biden’s wife has always looked to me like Simone Mestayer, the daughter of Forbus.  Forbus is a name from which ‘Bush’ derives.  It goes back to an historical character named Frobisher the Traveler, who pretended he was a king’s son, and was eventually buried in a pauper’s grave in England.

Forbus Mestayer owned a small trophy shop in Loreauville when I was a child, in the same building that, at another time housed the Brown Derby bar. His daughter Simone still lived in Loreauville when I returned there in the 1990’s.  She was one of many former friends of mine who avoided me when I moved back to Loreauville from Costa Rica.

When I heard Joe Biden speaking ad lib, I recognized the accent and speech mannerisms of Allen Sorel.

The name Sorel has historical significance also, in connection with events surrounding the myth of the Joan of Arc, her contemporary.  This is important because even college textbooks lie about Charles VII, Charles the Bad.

Agnès Sorel (1422 – 9 February 1450), was a favourite, and chief mistress, of Charles VII, who actually never was King of France. By him she bore four daughters. She is considered the first officially recognized royal mistress, but in fact Charles VII was an usurper whose claim to kingship is false, and found only in modern censored history books.

This is a complicated subject for another article. It involves the truth about the Siege of Orléans and the ever wishful “Royal Blood” of the Global Pirates that exists only in their imagination.

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