I pointed out before that Jesus himself said that only foreigners should be taxed. If you’re taxed, he said, then you aren’t in your own house, you’re paying tribute to a conquering enemy, or you’re in forced exile.

What Jesus was saying is that normally the King and his Council didn’t tax their own people, but Herod was doing so at the time. Jesus carefully explains that this is unacceptable. Taxes should be collected only from foreigners who wanted to sell their wares to the people and foreigners who bought the excess production from the people.

The public treasury also received spoil and tribute from whoever attacked the kingdom and lost, but first the actual soldiers were rewarded with land and a percentage of the spoil.  This arrangement is attested to often in historical and Biblical events, and I personally see no reason to discontinue these practices.

Under the system described by Jesus, the size of government is limited by the amount of surplus available for trade.  The government collected 10% of profits from surplus sales, a small fraction of what is taken from us by force today.  This extremely high overall taxation often leaves families homeless and suffering. This is obviously a symptom of having been conquered by a foreign enemy whose goal is to destroy us.

The system described by Jesus provides incentives to the government to cultivate and encourage free enterprise, and also a reasonable incentive to soldiers to protect free trade from pirates, rather than joining with them.

The encouragement of trade is why ancient Kings moved trained craftsmen to different regions after a war, as noted in scripture.  It was in everyone’s interest to train the workforce and encourage industry, within the kingdom.

It was the job of the people (the people are the military, foreigners aren’t) and the government (who are the most moral, compassionate and brightest of the people, not foreigners, and not anti-Christian subversive morons…) to assure that only the excess production is sold, and no more.

In the tradition of Joab and David, Queen Elizabeth I created anonymous corporations to fund Pirates as professional, full time thieves, nation invaders, extortionists and slave traders. This is the aspect that keeps us in the Elizabethan Era. We’re witnessing now the end of that vile period of secrecy, usurpation, slavery, fakery and monopoly.

What now?

In my opinion, the first function of government is to provide security and facilities for productivity and trade. That means providing for a domestic, local militia to prevent fraud and theft in commerce, a safe place to sell and a ‘road’ to get the goods to the customer. It’s not complicated, even when this idea is applied to online commerce.

When these functions are left to private, secret corporations, in other words, Elizabethan Era criminals like Google, YouTube, etc., a worldwide economic downturn is inevitable. This is due to the long-term and increasing concentration of wealth and obstacles to free trade put in place by inbred pirates.

What happens is that once taxation of the people’s labor is implemented by secret pirate corporations then these taxes are used to pay whoever you are in bondage to, but you don’t know who because it’s secret. If the owners of the bonds are your enemies, then Chinese, the British Crown Jewish Oligarchs, Indians and Arabs get rich, and we get very, very, very poor.

Now in the Trumpet Era, where all secrets are revealed, all that wealth will be, or already is, confiscated under the RICO statutes and other laws.

Hopefully it will be used to support small businesses, free enterprise and anti fraud law enforcement. Hopefully it will be used to build marketplaces and methods to facilitate cottage commerce, both online and off, with the total elimination of  leeching gatekeepers and monstrous anonymous corporate crime syndicates

The days of freebies to large anonymous (foreign-enemy-owned) corporations must end.  That includes the sale of Treasury Bonds.  Does sending our money to our enemies sound like a good idea to someone? Does a government have to sell it’s own people into bondage? Does draining money out of our economy help in any way? No, no and no.  Every dual-citizen immigrant is a foreign remittance conduit for draining the economy of the host. Who would approve of this other than a foreign conqueror?

Under good management, citizenship had responsibilities and tax receipts were used to build market places and roads for citizens, not foreigners. Palmyra is an excellent example of how beautiful the marketplaces once were.  They were not the nasty, crowded places, or gravel parking lots that are called markets today.

Palmyra comes to mind as I look over the Middle East Peace Plan presented by the Trump Administration. It’s not so much political as it is a city and regional plan for economic development. I haven’t gotten to the part about who’s in control militarily.

I’m still reading it, and I hope it will revive the concept of government spending that returns the tax collections to the people in the form of support for small commercial enterprises, online and off. This will certainly appeal to the large majority of people, never mind the conglomerates. Then maybe the results will encourage imitation.

My only complaint is that this Peace Plan finally and completely obliterates the Catholic, Orthodox Christian component of the region. All Palestinian non-Jews in this document are suddenly turned into “Arabs”, when of course Arabs and Jews are one and the same.  Only Arabs and Jews are counted as populations to be considered and I see no changes to the Jewish laws that prohibit Christians from living in the Holy Land, though of course our money will be taken to pay for it all.  I’ll see if the “No Christians Allowed in the Holy Land” territory has expanded or not and will report.

Because Christian scholars are not allowed a significant place or a voice, it appears to me that many old Christian marketplace ruins today are falsely called “temples” by Jewish archeologists, supposedly dedicated to some pagan imaginary god of theirs. You’ll never be told of any archeological site that was dedicated to the One True God, or that a particular site marks an Israelite inheritance boundary, or matches up with a biblical description, but that’s because modern day pagans do the reporting.  We’re still dealing with the Ammonites.

Under the Christian Byzantines, tax receipts were used to build schools and churches in the Middle East. This is a real and useful benefit to the people. It worked because the True Christian Church, military and education were one and the same.

Christian means that the High Priest is the legitimate, anointed descendant of the Order of Malkizadec (Zachariah), with legal title to inherited cities. This family maintained the military and their system was recorded in the Old Testament, during the time of Jesus, and during the Byzantine Christian heyday.  Even up to the early 1900’s in Louisiana, battles for control are recorded locally but aren’t spoken of in history books because it proves the falsehood of American history as allegedly ‘a British Colony’.  We did become that to a degree after the Jews won the Civil War in America.  Jewish colony is a more truthful description.

The Christian armies held up a very long time. We’d have no civilization otherwise.  The Knights of Columbus were the last vestige of a Church affiliated military organization that I’ve found, and it doesn’t do much it’s so infiltrated.

Recent history books that talk about the Elizabethan Era include mention of the ‘Guise’, a name which I’d never heard used before. I believe it’s the same as the Ghenguise, or Zhengis Khanate and they actually correspond with the highest degree of bloodline of Jesus/Julius Ceasar.  I now believe the Guise were the same people as the “Romanoff”.  It takes time to lay out all the evidence, but I’ve already mentioned much of it.

The name Roman is a reference to their origins in Constantinople, not the city in Italy called Rome. As the original, legitimate Berardi, they were in Florence though.  A branch of the family was also in Siberia, the Altai region, also called Mongolia, but still part of Russia.

By my calculations, the Romanovs would have to be the same family as Francois I of Alsace Lorraine, a place more or less also called Brabant, or just ‘France’, though their  territory included much more than present day France.  His mother was Mongolian. This is also the Bruce family as it emerged from Scotland through intermarriage with French, Italian, German, Polish, Hungarian and Russian families,  often of course through the females, as I’ve traced it in genealogy.

The females of these staunch supporters of the Ancient Religious Rites and Traditions were highly prized for their skills, family connections and healthy breeding.  It’s not true that women were disrespected in the past, because I’ve seen evidence totally to the contrary and it’s a crying shame that this lie has helped to diminish the important role of motherhood and good breeding.

This omission of the value of quality women has resulted in the well meaning but sad fixation that government should provide childcare so that mothers can “work”. It’s simply appalling that the value of motherhood has sunk to zero in that way. It’s no big surprise that populations are plummeting among the most intelligent and capable people. If motherhood is not valued in and of itself, is not even considered to be productive ‘work’, how can any nation survive?

A nursery rhyme about Queen Mary:

“Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

How Does Your Garden Grow?

With Silver Bells and Cockle Shells and Pretty Maids All in a Row.”

To me, this rhyme is full of information about Queen Mary. It tells me that the family owned silver mines, purple fabric dying facilities using seashells and that there were many good, strategic marriages made by her female relatives during her time, which is seen in the true genealogies. This last point is especially important because the male relatives were targeted for assassination by Pirate operations.

Francis I was the brother of Queen Mary, or perhaps some other close relative, this information is so censored.  The highest level Church officials were also military leaders, and relatives of the Queen, according to my research into the subject. Soldiers fought for worldwide traditional Catholic Orthodox Christianity more so than for any particular nation, so intermarriage between nations was acceptable. The idea of ‘Nation-States” was  invented by the enemy to overcome the very effective unity of a worldwide Church-military organization.

When a walled city in Byzantium was threatened and surrounded, an allied army would arrive and attack the besieging army from the rear.  This practice is misrepresented in modern lying history books, to make it appear that the relieving forces were also attacking Constantinople when they were actually rescuing it.

When you read that Constantinople was “sacked” by Catholic Crusaders, you’re reading a lie. The idea behind this lie is to create artificial divisions in the minds of people and to prevent people from learning past methods of successful mutual defense.

This method of mutual faith-based protection  worked until the technology for high powered cannons enabled quicker destruction of walls. This technology was developed by the Romans of Byzantium but a traitor gave the technology to the Turkish enemy and this led to the gradual downfall of cities in Byzantium.

The architecture of this era is now falsely attributed to “Islam”, and many Christian Churches are falsified today in architectural history books as Muslim Mosques. The onion dome, for example, is a Russian Orthodox feature, not Muslim, as the college level textbooks falsely claim.

I’m not including references to sources in this particular article because I’m summarizing a huge number of sources from a twenty year research period. I hope to be able to present this more academically in the future. This is an introduction, nothing more.



The Altai region of Russia is one place where  I now believe my own family originated, and probably had to leave during the wars between Turkish Muslims and Russian Christians, with Jews on both sides sabotaging the Russians, who they despise.  This is my tentative conclusion.

It appears that my relatives and many others were hiding their identities from British spies and assassins. Then the CIA Doctors prescribed Prednisone to minimize the memories, and worse. This took about three generations, and the time period matches up with Lenin’s Communism scam and accompanying Soviet paranoia that the true owners of all the land they stole might show up angry and want it all back because it’s rightfully theirs.

The Church shown above is built in Russia.  There are many of these bombed out churches still in Russia, sitting in the middle of huge grain fields. The villages that once surrounded them were obliterated by the Communists.

Where did all the people go?

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