Early Gospel Music of Elvis

In my opinion, this is the very best of Elvis music. I’ve given much thought to this man called Elvis, always wondering why. Why this, why that, wondering if he is the half sibling that my parents told me about, but refused to tell me his name, wondering what it’s like to have your memory erased through medical kidnapping and forced electric shocks to the brain, wondering if there is a cure, so that my questions could one day be answered.

It appears obvious to me that the Elvis stage character was a creation of the Walet mother and daughter team who are publicly known as Nancy Sinatra Senior and Junior.

How did it happen that God didn’t protect them, I can’t say.  Some choices they made regarding friendships probably are the cause. I am considering April’s/Nancy Jr.’s friends in New Orleans, and their role in her death. The black man that she was with when she died was not even held under suspicion. His identity was protected.

I have been surrounded my entire life by CIA secret agent “friends” whose goal is to destroy me, so I know how difficult it is to shake them off. Every targeted person knows about that.  I can happily say that one of the last of these creeps has finally stopped showing up at my house, probably because I continue to publish information about him and his sick pedo crime family.  They really do run away when the truth flashlight gets turned on them, exactly like roaches.

Elvis sings just about all of the family songs that were sung by my grandfather and grandmother, my favorite is “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.  Whoever wrote that song had experienced great loss.

I remember as a teenager, my mother telling me that Mr. John Walet had lost his memory. I hate to think that he is the Engineer who is referred to in the document that I recently published about electric shock therapy. They destroyed his memory and took control of him, is my conclusion. This is how Herman Walet got hold of the entire musical and film inheritance. The result is that this American cultural treasure has fallen into the hands of very evil Jewish Oligarchs with several nationalities who purchased it with stolen Russian money. Now these evil people have the power to deny us this heritage, publish vicious lies about the stage characters  and even go so far as to pretend to be us.

This next image is a CD of Rogers and Hammerstein music, not available on youtube.  It is actually picturing Mr. John Walet and my true grandfather on the right, who is known by so many public names, and each name hints at his true background.


The original Cinderella was written and filmed by these two, with my mother as Cinderella, and it is on Youtube. After watching it a few times, I now get a message that this movie is not available “on my device”.

Unfortunately, the only available original Cinderella on Youtube has a lying introduction by a fake Julie Andrews. Just skip the intro and watch the movie, filmed in 1957 when my mother was still a teenager.



This photo below is my grandmother Anita. It’s part of the CD, but everything written about them is a lie.


The horrifying lies that are published by these thieving Jews about my family needs to be stopped. I’m referring to YouTube videos and books that project their own sick cultural norms onto my family members’ stage characters. There’s one video in particular that promotes the terrible lie that Shirley Temple was “passed around” for child abuse. I’d like to sue them for this slander, especially because it’s used to promote and normalize child sexual abuse.

The fact is that my mother and father, along with Mr. John Walet and my grandparents, did much to warn people about the dangers of these child-haters. The movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is all about the normalization of the hatred of children, and the powerful titled people who promote this hatred.

I was particularly curious to know who Mr. John Walet’s wife was, the great grandmother of Cameron. She would have had great influence, no doubt. I’m pretty sure she was Eleanor Powell, an incredibly talented tap dancer.

In this next film we are informed that:

“The amazing Eleanor Powell taps out an actual morse code in the movie Ship Ahoy (1942) while dancing to the music of Tommy Dorsey’s orchestra.”  I have always thought that the ridiculously long and detailed movie credits on these old shows were some kind of coded message, either for the military, for friends and relatives in Communist countries or all of the above. Tap dancing as morse code though? Sure, why not.

Later in life I remember this woman on the TV series “Bewitched” as the mother of Samantha, the actress Agnes Moorehead. She played many, many actresses in between. Like the Sinatra Mother and Daughter, the lifetime of different stage characters that they created are too numerous to get into right now. One thing is certain though, she was Hungarian. These people dropped so many hints precisely to let us know this. Mrs. John Walet was close friends with my Grandmother Anita Berard, which is why I have such an interest in her, besides being the grandmother in law of Elvis, and Cameron’s great grandmother.



The sitcom character Samantha was a witch married to a mortal man and whose mother is also a witch. Just as in real life, these exiled families used the magic of film, just as Samantha used her magic powers to solve family problems.  This series was originally broadcast for eight seasons on ABC from September 17, 1964, to March 25, 1972, according to wikipedia.





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