Sam the Sham

The woman identified as Vanessa in the video below reports that international poll watchers, after attending the Donbas referendum on union with Russia, have been placed on an international hit list by Zelensky’s government.

This spokeswoman for the Donbas region of Ukraine, and fellow analysts describe the incredible situation whereby globalist conspirators in governments worldwide have been on a genocidal crime spree of war, poisonings, attempted mass starvation, bombings and weather warfare. High level conspirators used Ukraine as the drop off location for looted treasuries of hapless Democracies everywhere. The looters were both shameless and careless, blinded by their collective hubris.

This next tune is highly relevant, a must listen that will get you dancing.

Sam the Sham Dance Tune Shout Out to Elon Musk:

The source of the Sam the Sham photo is this:

The article entitled “US Acts Face UK Air Block” is important, for the sake of drastic contrast between today and 1965.

Now here’s an excerpt from Rishi Sunak’s wiki page to show how the British government only opposes certain foreign nations of the same race from influencing the people, but other races are welcomed and given government positions of authority.

After Truss’s resignation amid a government crisis, Sunak was elected unopposed as Leader of the Conservative Party on 24 October 2022. He was appointed Prime Minister by King Charles III, the first to be appointed during his reign, a day later, becoming the first British Asian and Hindu to hold that position.[8][9][10]

I invite others to take note that the uniformed members of the British military that I saw at the Queen’s funeral march all have a uniform appearance in terms of general facial features and physical characteristics. It’s what we call “race” and it takes many generations to achieve that sort of healthy uniformity. I can’t help but notice that the soldiers appear to be of a different race from their leaders. It’s almost as though the enemy has occupied their church and state buildings. But surely an enemy wouldn’t go so far as to promote suicide, genocide and euthanasia? That would certainly be a sham government and a sham church also.

Either way, the British people have a right and a duty to defend themselves and their children. This is a a two way karmic street, but strength of character and action are needed. The British need to correct the injustice of the prohibition against Catholics in government. God is sending you all a message loud and clear. Make that correction and your prosperity will return.

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