Satanism in the Midwest

Amid all the sad destruction by Midwest tornadoes, I noticed a discrepancy in one report. Drone footage shows empty concrete slabs where houses had been, the actual tornado leaves absolutely nothing standing in it’s path.

However, this one building was different.

The roof collapse at a theatre in Belvedere, Illinois is attributed to 50-60 mph winds, which shouldn’t be strong enough to collapse a roof. In the montage of news reports linked below, the unidentified man interviewed at minute 2:00 says it makes him wonder “what actually the event was with the wind”. All of the surrounding buildings are just fine even though the reporter pretends that she doesn’t see this. It’s really funny how these media pirates fear the truth. Bricks just started falling off this particular building, the Apollo Theatre.

The band that was scheduled: Morbid Angel. What would you do if you were God and these Satanists’ arrogance was getting on your nerves?

The venue’s Facebook page said the bands scheduled to perform were Morbid Angel, Crypta, Skeletal Remains and Revocation.

From Wikipedia we learn that this is a highly influential death metal band that’s been around awhile.

The band’s original lyrical themes focused mostly on Satanism, Occultism and blasphemous subject matter.

“ the lyrics take on more anti-religious and barbaric themes, namely of the strong overcoming the weak.” 

“what actually the event was with the wind”…

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