Immigration is a Pirate Business

A year ago someone went to the Mexican border and asked questions of some immigrant families who were escaping Haiti, Honduras and El Salvador. I’m only now finding it, posted below. It’s very informative. Their story is about their escape from gang violence, a breakdown in law enforcement there and immigration services here. There are non denominational churches run by individual families who are stepping … Continue reading Immigration is a Pirate Business

Pirate System

Next are excerpts from a book that goes into great detail about pirates, entitled: THE BUCCANEERS IN THE WEST INDIES IN THE XVII CENTURY C.H. HARING WITH TEN MAPS AND ILLUSTRATIONS METHUEN & CO. LTD.36 ESSEX STREET W.C.LONDON First Published in 1910 This book was written for pirates because it flatters them, and it’s certainly written by pirates in academia, because who else is … Continue reading Pirate System

Massive Death in China

Previous reports from China Insights informed me that the Chinese have been given Paxlovid to treat fever in China. Some enterprising people put up over 30,000 fever clinics just in time for the end of lockdown. Sale of Tylenol became restricted, and so only Paxlovid was available. I researched Paxlovid and I’m sure it’s the final blow, when added to the constant masking with resulting … Continue reading Massive Death in China

No-Consequence World Ends

This FTX case reminds me of when Al Capone received a felony conviction and was “punished” with exile to Sicily, but it was actually Louisiana and he was given government defense contracts for advanced and stolen boat technology. This time, we’re going to do a human Gee-Nome study of the ultra privileged no-consequence crowd around FTX. Stanford Daily; “Bankman’s parents, the law professors Joseph Bankman … Continue reading No-Consequence World Ends

Legal Titles of Nobility Purchased By Fakers

Alcuin had written in a letter to Charlemagne in 798: “And those people should not be listened to who keep saying the voice of the people is the voice of God, since the riotousness of the crowd is always very close to madness.”[26] I came across this, screenshot below, and unfortunately, as usual, no reference to the source was given. This information concerning the Dukes of … Continue reading Legal Titles of Nobility Purchased By Fakers

Balenciaga and Gucci

Many people have never heard of Balenciaga fashion brand, but everyone knows Gucci. These old brands, established in our great grandfathers’ days, and other old businesses like them have been purchased by pirates with truckloads of cash that they always manage to get their hands on. So you know there’s something very wrong with our financial system altogether. How is it that we allegedly owe … Continue reading Balenciaga and Gucci

Jack Dorsey and Rishi Sunak

Which do you prefer? Rishi Sunak was appointed Prime Minister of England after Liz Truss’ short reign. His wife is famous for not paying taxes in England, because she doesn’t “live” there. Can you imagine the nerve of living totally free at tax payer expense and considering yourself too privileged to pay a penny of it yourself because you aren’t “domiciled” there? This is a … Continue reading Jack Dorsey and Rishi Sunak