Myths and Narratives

According to Dr. Karl Jung, our myths and narratives must be life affirming for mental health to be the norm. Why The Lack of Religion Breeds Mental Illness. The conclusion that Jung came to was that death affirming narratives can create mental illness, the cure for which is a healthy dose of what was religion at his time. He was referring to that combination of … Continue reading Myths and Narratives

Empowerment Organizations

Organizations that are all about the “empowerment” of their “clients” abound worldwide. These empowerment groups all have one thing in common, but I can’t say what it is because it’s hate speech to mention certain obvious facts. To ramp up the hate speech police network, we have this upcoming: “FEATURED SESSIONS” “Join us for crucial discussions on topics including: As far as imaginary problems go, this … Continue reading Empowerment Organizations

Science and Religion

Dr. Wernher Von Braun speaks on how scientific method has demonstrated the fact that nothing physical ever completely disappears, but becomes transformed into something else. He’s speaking of our own spiritual existence: If every single person who’s been secretly murdered is still with us in spirit, still waiting for justice, then the energy for solving problems is there for each of us to tap … Continue reading Science and Religion

Adrenochrome Inmate List of Little Children

Warning on this one, it’s tough to acknowledge. This document dump is from 2020. These are detailed business files of the adrenochrome harvesting business, operating out of old military installations, or below them. The grading of the blood, the point at which the children are disposed, which ones are suicidal. This was published an hour ago, and it may not last long. Continue reading Adrenochrome Inmate List of Little Children

Westerns are Movies

Even without a fixed place to officially call “The West”, we’re blessed to have excellent Spaghetti Westerns, which is what Dean Martin Westerns are called. There’s no logic in an Italian European making Westerns in Mexico, but Dean Martin is supposed to be that. “Something Big” is an important movie because the actors are all family and the dog in the movie is Dorothy’s Toto … Continue reading Westerns are Movies

News Blues

Since deplatforming the most talented content is now what the media does best, I’m getting the news blues. If not for videos of people dying from Covid vaccines, there would be no real and honest reports. Oh, and the gang fights on cruise ships has to pass for honest and funny, unfortunately. Because there’s so much boring, plagiarized and dishonest content out there, I’ve had … Continue reading News Blues

Culture and Traditions of Professional Fakers

I’ve been reading comments regarding a child who is somewhere in line to the the British Crown. Being as we are drowning in lies, some of us have taken up the study of liars. One of these, Jésus Enrique Rosas, The Body Language Guy on various platforms, was reviewing a new book and a photograph, noting the oddity that the alleged child belonging allegedy to … Continue reading Culture and Traditions of Professional Fakers

Earthworm Tractors: The Movie

Way too funny to not share: Another Joe Brown movie called ”Earthworm Tractors” is a hilarious creative demonstration of the original Caterpillar tractor. How many different business promotions, besides Caterpillar tractors, can you spot in this slapstick spoof, linked below. There’s another early television series, not a Joe Brown production and with completely different actors, called ”This is Your Life”. It must have been part … Continue reading Earthworm Tractors: The Movie