Episode 571, 2013, Larry Nichols Interview

A most aggravating interview, for the excessive interruptions, is episode 571 sept. 24, 2013 of the pete santilli talk show.   It contains such interesting nuggets of information, it’s well worth the sifting.  Nichols is finally introduced after about an hour and a half…ugh.

Those with immense patience will hear Larry Nichols state clearly that he was there for the murder of the two boys in Mena, Arkansas, the ones whose bodies were left on the railroad, two of the most notorious of the alleged Clinton kills.   For those new to the subject, the two boys had discovered the drug drop-offs being made over at Rich Aviation near their home in Mena.  The most recent kill was that of Seth Rich, who Assange hints was the informant who revealed the DNC emails that caused such a stir for a minute.  I keep stumbling over this Rich family and it’s never good news.

In the same interview, Larry states clearly that he has been working as a paid assassin for the Clinton’s since the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.  He states that he has been a long term friend of ‘Ben’ Netanyahoo, who I’ve traced to New Orleans during those years.  I wonder how many they killed in Louisiana during those years? It could more than double the Clinton Kill List.

Somewhere in that endless run of advertisements on this talk show, you can hear Larry talk about working with Ben Netanyahoo in the Mossad for 10 years, and how in order to get to the top of the Mossad he had to kill 100 Russians.  That would be Christian Russians, I presume.  The Jewish Russians, for some strange reason, seem to be safe.  Or are they?

Will the Russians remember this or find out?  Will they blame Hillary and Bill, or will they not stop there?  Did Larry spill so many beans that the interview had to be made very aggravating in order to discourage listeners?

At around 1:40 Larry explains that Hillary is the daughter of Al Capone’s successor, a man named Hugh Rodham, a very unlikely name for a Chicago mobster, but how can I verify such things?    Maybe Hillary is Al Capone’s granddaughter, if Larry is dropping hints here.  Yes, it would explain so much.  This is much conjecture, I admit, but one must begin somewhere.

A serious researcher should take the time to listen carefully to this very difficult interview.  Larry seems to be under the effect of a drug, and he seems to be telling the truth, for the most part.  He also states that he had been called by Roger Ayles to go public, but with limits.  Larry Nichols said, defiantly at the time, that he would not put limits, and he didn’t, except where the fawning Pete Santilli shut him up with interruptions.   In later interviews, he tried to back out of these statements by redefining the word ‘kill’ to mean that he destroyed a person’s  life and reputation to such an extent that it would have been kinder to actually kill the victim.  He said that the Mossad did this often, and that it was brutal.  Many of us are all too painfully aware of how true this is.

If you slow down the speed at one point, you’ll a hear a somewhat garbled statement that could only be: “And you wanta know who was screwing Clinton’s niece?  Clinton was”.  Santilli quickly side steps that one.

Ben Netanyahoo worked for 10 years in the Mossad with him and he’s a friend of Larry’s.  When he proclaims his big “secret”, you know this is the code word for ‘disinformation’.  The big secret is that Netanyahoo found in Benghazi that Hillary was giving surface to air missiles to Al Quaida in Libya. Then Larry messes up the story by claiming that Bibi Netanyahoo insisted that he HAD to deal with Al Quaida because they HAD to deal with the only command and control structure in Libya still functional because the Libyan government had ‘failed’.   In other words, the Mossad was the same as Al Quaida.  No big news for most of us that the Israeli Mossad was involved in a false flag to harm the United States.

They’re tossing Hillary under the bus.  Maybe Bibi wants to be president of the United States.


So it’s very doubtful that Bibi tried to stop the Benghazi fiasco from happening, and I suspect that this is the big lie and the reason for allowing Larry to speak.  Larry claims that a Russian (Jewish shall we ask?) general who oversaw the shipments of surface to air missiles to Al Qaida in Libya, now lives in Arkansas.  Hmm, couldn’t be associated with old Ward Rockefeller now could he?


If Bibi is correct that one must look for a new control and command structure when one finds oneself in a failed State, and if I’m correct that America’s government is in a failed state, then I suggest we look to Russia and not Al Quaida for a functional command and control structure to deal with this Obama Dictatorship.

Only an election of Trump to office could prevent Russian intervention into American affairs.  Russia’s own self interest would require that some control be put on this criminal infestation.  We need a giant termite tent over Washington, D.C.




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