Jesse Ventura and Yuri Bezmenov

The man driving the Model T at the wedding in Scarsdale is looking to me like Jesse Ventura.  If I’m correct, then he’s the father of Margaret Arnheim, and he’s the Robert Hargraves on the hospital receipt as the father of Netanyahoo.  This is the man who got Arlene pregnant when she was just 16 years old, and they were married for about two years.  I don’t have much to go on, but he is shown, if you look it up, also as the “father of Katie Perry”.  He calls himself a preacher, Keith Hudson, which leads me to think he may be a Huddleston from the Dudney genealogy.  Huddleston is also a name I remember from my father’s business contacts in the oil industry.


Now I don’t remember knowing this person Robert Hargraves, but I think I met his mother once.  I bought a simple green chair from her, a wooden chair that she had used for sewing.  She told me how she’d sewn her son’s clothes their entire lives.  Her son’s house was within sight and I could see it was a very large new house.  It was somewhere around New Iberia, maybe Avery Island.  What I remember is how strange that someone with such a wealthy son would be moving into a publicly funded retirement home, which is what she was doing and why she was selling her things.  She called him Bobby, and I do remember talk of a Bobby Hargraves in those days.

So if you take some time to listen to Jesse Ventura videos, you can see how he fantasizes about Trump being assassinated, “as if it were a movie script” he says, exactly the way Margaret as ‘Genie Rein’ described her father.  Take a look at the faces and decide for yourself.  I’ll be posting more information to back this up, but I’m on limited bandwidth right now and can’t post links or upload photos.  This Margaret also played Princess Margaret of the “British Royals”, or at least it looks like her from her younger photos.

Oh and one more thing, very very important.   Yuri Brezmenov looks so much like my first husband Randy Whatley, that I’m certain it’s him now.  So think about what Yuri is saying, as he plays his role of the KGB agent, and realize that this is Bibi Netanyahu and the son of Hargraves/Ventura.  Now Jesse was supposed to run for president instead of Trump, so there’s some food for thought.

Duper’s Delight is very evident in all of these cases, but I think that the Jon Benet Ramsey case is the best study of duper’s delight.


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