Feast of the Immaculate Conception Today

“The pins” is code for child slaves.  Think about how politicians use code names for themselves.  Be very careful about thinking that any of them are not part of the criminal organization, no matter how well they lie to you and act innocent.

BB76F411-BA2E-4067-99EC-B921B9E27ABF3F0FFC58-8E48-482A-AEE3-183E8D8B85E59A5F61A2-C8C2-4EA4-9A71-38C4231CE09CE196BE33-DF7E-4B78-9BEF-5144DFC5E78BD195287F-5500-4931-BDA0-FE763DC4FB7676C9852E-AED3-4697-827C-25711918DF54Call this my artwork.  You’ll see on the following handwritten note, that we have a mailing list for “Charlie”, who was tasked with abducting children from the disaster site of Banda Aceh, after the tsunami there in ‘03.  Above is the contact sheet of photos that he sent to his classmates, to prove that their money was being spent as directed.  They needed the children for their Scarsdale class reunion.

Yes, that’s Uma Abadin. I hate to think about what happened to this unfortunate little girl.  The man in blue with the beard was my landlord, whose death led to my ending up with these photos and spreadsheets. He is Lee Harvey Oswald, as I’ve demonstrated in previous posts.

Charlie Moed must have taken the photos, but I know what he looks like since he now lives in my neighborhood, in a house that was built with lumber stolen from Arlene’s worksite back in the 90’s. Someone checked the code on the lumber for evidence. Arlene’s letters mentioned this theft.

These spreadsheets should be of interest to someone.  My lawyer said he thinks this is a fine art exhibit.


5963643E-60F5-44B5-B33C-CC087D480642“The Virgin, the daughter of Zion has despised you, laughing you to scorn.   The daughter of Jerusalem has shaken her head behind your back.”  Isaiah 37:22





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