Making a Living in a Diabolical World

What happens when a competent person can’t earn a living?

What happens must be something terrible because getting people fired is a favorite way for  liberal activists to punish those who disagree with them.  In the same vein, demonetizing YouTube channels is also a powerful punishment, a public lashing that hurts in many ways.  This can only happen when there’s no alternative.

So you see why monopolies are created.

Once a monopoly is in place, there’s no need to create good content. With a monopoly, “good content” is defined by whoever has the power to de-monetize.  A pedophile’s definition of good content would certainly conflict with most people’s definition, and so this is what we’re facing: A worldwide monopoly of everything by pedos and gangsters with the power do decide who makes a living and who doesn’t.

They claim that since it’s a private business, they can do as they please.  However, the existence of all these private businesses depends on a functional society willing to pay for the electrical, transportation and security infrastructure, without which there would be no business at all, much less a world of criminal monopoly.

Not being allowed to earn a living is different from not being able to earn a living.

It’s not just about lack of money, it’s about having a place in society, being respected by loved ones.   It’s about not being a slave. It’s about participation and having a voice.  Let’s face that much.

President Trump is facing it, so this is not a hopeless situation. As long as we have a central government, we’ll have to wait for that central government to correct the errors that have allowed these criminal monopolies to exist.  It was the central government’s job to prevent these monopolies, and to prevent our media from being owned by foreigners. Instead, the central government paved way for this disaster.

The issue is deeply important.   Everyone who is allowed to have a public voice is concerned with the employment statistics of any hyphenated nationality except the American-Americans, because American-Americans aren’t a minority group.  Meanwhile, American-Americans are living precarious lives, paying taxes to our enemies and losing most everything.

The way to turn this around is by acknowledging the problem. Then the courts have to bring justice to the inventors of the stolen technologies.  The stolen technologies are the profitable basis for the monopolies that deny us employment. It’s time for justice.

Until that happens, what? It’s not a problem that affects everyone equally.

Censorship affects creative people and professionals directly.  A plumber, a stockbroker, or an electrician wouldn’t be directly affected by censorship. If I could start my life over, I’d train to do plumbing, but it’s too late for that.  I’d make a terrible plumber anyway.

So one solution is to do away with the all creative professions such as writers  and researchers. That’s what will happen naturally as time goes by and people in those professions gradually starve to death.

Before monopoly ownership of the world, I learned to write reports because it came naturally.  I love reporting and researching, and nothing is stopping me from doing that.  The only problem is how to make a living with it.

The obvious solution would be to collect a percentage of advertising revenue.  That’s traditionally how reporters make a living. But that model depends on accurate readership counts, and honest payments, which monopoly internet gateways are not obligated to provide.  With monopoly control over viewing counts, there’s no advertising revenue for the creator, because the counts are censored.

So the first solution is to establish an independent source for counting the views.  Then, we need advertisement streams that prohibit the use of nasty, suggestive and downright disgusting images.  Clean advertising is possible. Who can do this? I’ll guess that whoever has the ability and desire to create clean advertising revenue for independent creators is unemployed and unable to find financial backing.  In other words, censored.

Even placing a donate button on my webpage runs into censorship problems.  It should be very easy to do, but trying to find out how, I run into nothing but disinformation designed to frustrate and waste time.

I’ve decided to try out some advertising streams, but I don’t have high hopes.  So bear with me while I experiment with the only solution I can access, which is a google product, of course. As if  the Chinese Communists existed to provide me with revenue.  Not.

It has been my intention to provide free content to my readers.  I want to continue that, and develop a lie-free school curriculum at some point.

I have confidence in the Trump Team and the loyal ones that are backing him.  I’m confident that a solution is in the works.

Patience is called for at this time.

In the following video,  Archbishop Fulton Sheen points out that the diabolical is directly related to the rejection of the Cross.  The Cross is the symbol of being patient in times of suffering.  When the Cross is rejected, then the diabolical idea of getting something for nothing takes its place.

Socialism is a clear example of the diabolical method of forcibly taking from those who rightfully own something, and giving it to someone who hasn’t worked for it.  Socialism removes the virtue of patiently working on something, promising that everything can be free and easy.  Guaranteed! But only for some, and only so long as it can be forcibly taken from others. Meanwhile, the rest of us are asset stripped. The end result is that the patient worker soon feels foolish and ceases to work.  That’s when mass starvation sets in.  Or in the case of writers and researchers giving up, then mass ignorance sets in, which is a starvation for truth.

With patience, a Christlike culture is nurtured, and the diabolical loses it’s sustenance. Bishop Sheen explains it better.




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