Mike’s Next Letter and More Treasonous Spy Media at Scarsdale




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The next item I found in one of the Scarsdale High School Alumni newsletters. It’s about how these spy people make a mockery of our military operations and have no hesitation to reveal the movement of our troops and then brag about it.


This next video shows the treasonous fiasco that she prides herself on, and this well could be Karen Sloan, class of ‘73, calling herself Christiane Amanpour.

Be sure to read the comments. No one was impressed by her reporting except our enemies who were rolling on the floor laughing at us.

But first, take note that these people are also in the very same Scarsdale newsletter.


The same people whose correspondence with Charlie Moed indicates that they purchased children from an IMAM in Indonesia for the purpose of providing entertainment for their class reunion.


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