China’s Reaction To Biden “Win”

Di Dongsheng speech (link below) explains who has been helping China destroy America through use of multiple citizenships and financial control. Bragging about his ability to fool foreigners, in his speech he mostly calls the American traitors “Wall Street”, but makes clear that he’s talking about dual citizenship and triple citizenship of the Certain Protected and Privileged Religious Group Who Cannot Be Criticized that is Wall Street. Dongsheng and his audience are very happy about the Biden win and Dongsheng is bragging about his use of devious, illegal tactics like bribery and blackmail. He sounds exactly like Biden bragging about his control of Ukraine’s politicians.

It doesn’t occur to Dongsheng or his audience that the entire world is thoroughly sick of this childish, competitive and corrupt mentality among world leadership. No one else thinks it’s funny to be humiliated by bribed officials and their owners. No one else is amused at all.

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This speech should be watched to the end.

Notice Dongsheng’s hand gesture (by the balls) when he’s bragging about having had control over top American officials before Trump was elected. It’s the hand gesture that makes the audience laugh. He’s talking about how the corrupt ones upon which China depended, lost control when Trump was elected. He says China has control again now that he believes Biden is President. He describes how it will be possible for China to graft itself onto the tree of America and thereby kill the Americans so that the Chinese can flourish. Graft means bribery and it’s also a gardening term in his garden metaphor.

Notice his use of the term Global Village. To fully understand what he envisions by that, let’s look at a typical Asian village though I’m not sure the exact location. This is what the crime syndicates called “government” have for villages in their arena of control, considering this to be “happiness”. It’s exactly what it looks like: an exhausting, degrading, dirty and tedious life, which probably would happily be traded for real prosperity any day.

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