Where did I see blood streaked on the wall? It was not the garlic house, but a mobile home that had very recently been moved onto another lot on Main Street where afterwards a carwash once stood for many years. This was the only carwash in Loreauville, when car washes were a new thing. The carwash was removed but the slab still remains today. Here’s a screenshot of the location, as near as I can tell from google maps:

I mention the carwash because if anyone is looking for a missing body, a recent news article from Jalisco, Mexico tells us of a butcher who was chopping up women and burying bone fragments under a cement slab.

Dale and Grace, the duet in the 1950’s.

I don’t remember if Linda was the mother of Jerry. I remember her though, and I know that it was her blood on the living room wall. I was not told anything beyond what I saw with my own eyes. I was too young to be told. I do remember that she was living there with Kearney., but neither of them were there when I was there and everyone was whispering. It was my understanding that the bedroom was worse. This was around 1964.

I’m posting this for the record. I’ve been meditating on that memory.

I admit that I am confused. It’s because according to this obituary, Linda is still alive as Mrs. Gil Simon. The sister named Rita (Mrs. Willie Carbo) is the wife of Ovey LeBlanc, Sr., who I identified on the Zapruder film of the so-called Kennedy assassination. Ovey is “The Cuban Man” sitting on the curb next to “Bibi Netanyahu”. The entire Weston Broussard family today could be imposters. Weston Broussard died an invalid in the garlic house, as I was told. He wasn’t called Weston though, he was called Joe.

This is what Linda looked liked.

2 thoughts on “Where?

  1. I’ve been following your articles for a couple years now. Just wanted to say, I appreciate your tenacity. I would have given up— as many do.


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