Has there been an investigation?

I used this blog to report my memory of what appeared to be a murder in a brand new 1963 mobile home on Main Street in Loreauville. I’ve also tracked the people involved in that murder and cover up and found some of them gathered around Kona and Kau districts on the Big Island of Hawaii. I know that they are involved because they are in the Zapruder film of the fake version of the Kennedy assassination. I was able to identify them from family photos found at the home of Arlene Nichols, mother of Bibi Netanyahu.

A key piece of information was provided by Bibi Netanyahu, the man who is actually the father of Amber Heard. I was fraudulently married to him (alias Randy Whatley) as his Mossad victim of gang stalking when he mentioned a singing duet named Dale and Grace. He told me that Grace’s last name was Broussard, and that they were killed in a car crash. I was very interested and wanted to know more, especially how he knew them, or of them. Then, when he shut down and refused to say more, I was even more interested. I filed this incomplete information in an especially important mental file and never forgot it. The mental file is labelled ”Things People Are Afraid to Talk About”. The file has gotten very fat over the decades since, and very useful.

One event that I detailed involved the 2×6” pieces of wood for Arlene’s deck that were stolen. 25 years later I found them in Hawaiian Ranchos Subdivision, at the home of known child traffickers with oligarch connections. All the details have been written in previous articles, and hopefully the authorities have taken action. There’s no way for me to know, because I don’t know of any officials who are not also the perpetrators, or very close associates of them.

I explained my theory of the actual Kennedy assassination, and why I believe that he and his wife were brutally murdered in that 1963 mobile home. I conjectured that the floor was cut out afterwards, and the bodies dropped into a pit dug out from the ground below. A circular saw would have been used to cut the floor out, based on my seeing a circular saw carried from the bedroom area. At my child height, the large circular saw that was carried by the man was right in front of my face as he walked past me in the living room toward the front door. I was old enough to know that brand new homes don’t need repair or new carpet. That was the day I saw a large streak of blood on the wall and a very angry man yelling at everyone.

At this point I know that Amber Heard married the boy whose parents were murdered in that 1963 mobile home. I’m certain that he was there and had both legs broken by the murderer, after which his memories were suppressed. The house that was planned to be built on that property was never built. Instead, the mobile home was moved away and a carwash was put in with a large cement slab, under which the theoretical bodies would still be buried. The car wash was later rebuilt elsewhere, but the cement slab remains.

I have wondered what happened to the mobile home. I had a funny feeling that I would find it one day. It’s as though I am being stalked by the evidence. I can’t get away from it.

Back to Ranchos subdivision, I recently came across a large home that was built around an old mobile home. I’m told that the room on the end is very, very creepy to walk through at night, as if “something horrible happened there”. These are the words of someone who recently moved into the place. Now what are the chances that this is the same mobile home? Slim to none, wouldn’t you agree?

The answer could be found by someone with authority to investigate other people’s property. I studied old mobile homes on you tube videos and learned that mobile homes have a metal plate with serial numbers. I’m just getting some psychic direction, nothing more.

This is a google earth image of the house built around a mobile home on Hokulani Street in Ranchos Subdivision. The mobile home is in the center with the lighter colored roof. This property has been plagued with bad problems. No matter how much work is put into it, it still remains a mess, as you can see.

This is the only visible part left of the mobile home. Most interior walls have been stripped out. The floor and roof remain.

This is a typical floor plan. The Loreauville mobile home was similar, but flipped back to front. The hallway ran along the back wall opposite the front door. There was a back door. The kitchen was on the right, and the bedrooms on the left where all the activities were taking place, as I watched people walk back and forth.

The Florida mobile home shown in the video below has the same exterior panels as the Hawaiian Ranchos mobile home, but the manufacturer isn’t mentioned. Odd coincidence is that the present shady occupant in Hawaiian Ranchos has a dog named Bibi and a boyfriend named Jackie. Also odd is that an east coast manufactured home would end up in Hawaii. It’s a long, long way to ship, when a West coast mobile home would be an option.

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