This Goes Both Ways


I’m only posting this link because the title on it is all wrong. Someone mistakenly typed ”war criminal” when it should be ”war hero”. It’s a sneaky, cowardly form of spell craft warfare, though not new. We either turn this around or else no one is safe.

I’m not trying to pick sides, just pointing out the danger of a poster with your photo and location, printed along with false accusations, publicly posted by a heavily armed invisible entity. This could happen to anyone, because soldiers come in various forms.

Such a poster is on an official Ukrainian government website that has published the photos and personal information of a long list of Russian military. They are falsely accused of “war crimes” on this website. These are not criminals at all. After months of watching as many taped interviews and Ukraine war videos as possible, I’m seeing nothing but Russians defending and rescuing helpless unarmed people whose homes have been destroyed, one by one, night after night, for years by so-called Ukrainian Nationalists. The people of Donetsk region openly express their gratitude to the Russians.

Just by staying in their own homes, the nationalists forces occupying Ukrainian government convict Ukrainian residents of being “separatists”, according to these first hand accounts. Then the government bombs their homes. It appears that the enemy is actually “NATO” mercenaries using Ukraine as cover, but it’s the arms industry that uses NATO as cover to create wars in peaceful strategic places. It’s a very good idea to gey to this very heart of the problem which is the people who make big bucks selling weapons and using media control to create wars for their own profit.

Captured “nationalist” soldiers are on film confessing that they were ordered to shoot civilians and they followed the orders. Other films show that local Ukrainian men are taken only by force into the so-called Ukrainian military. When Russian military captures nationalist soldiers, they are interrogated and sorted out, some of which has been recorded and posted online.

In short, both the paid assassins and the enslaved conscripts all are called Ukrainians by the media, and they are called Nationalists by the Russian military. Some are actually paid assassins in uniform, judging from filmed testimony that I’ve seen. These taped testimonies appear authentic, except for one old news faker who’s been around for years and is now recycling old reports that he claims are filmed in Ukraine. Ignore that one.

So this list of Russian men are actually rescuing many towns in which NATO had placed heavy artillery. These towns have now been liberated which allows us to witness what’s been left behind: at least one dead body of a local civilian executed by ”Ukrainian Nationalists” so-called, a dead man, two weeks dead, with a plastic bag duct taped to his head, the skull of which has a bullet hole and gash holes. This is on film.

The massive NATO military armaments were facing towards Russian towns and the arms dealers and NATO were happy to see both sides obliterated. Then with control of the vast wheat fields, the power to control us through starvation would be in their hands. Just to make things certain though, arson fires in wheat fields and food processing plants are being reported and filmed all over the world, along with the devastation of crops caused by “geo-engineering”. These globalist lunatics are obsessed with starving large populations. The link above is to photos of the men who prevented that from happening, and no, they aren’t criminals. They deserve our gratitude and prayers of protection:

I also found a list of the obsessed Ukrainian Nationalist military generals on Wikipedia, and this next blurry photo of them, but there are also links to individual Generals. This type of poster warfare, once introduced into the arena, can actually backfire, considering who outnumbers who, and which group is capable of coordinated self-direction, everyone getting the same idea at the same time.

For example, Wikipedia has a photo of this top level Ukrainian General:

General Valerii Zaluzhnyi

since 27 July 2021

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